Beer Review: Maine Beer Co. MO


I was having trouble deciding what beer I wanted to do as my first review on this new blog when I went to one of my favorite liquor stores in hopes they would have Maine Beer Co’s Lunch which was supposedly just distributed in my area. No Lunch, but I did find some incredibly fresh Maine Beer Co MO (bottled 3/25/14, purchased on 4/8/14). It dawned on me that this would also be a great beer to do as my first review as it was one of the beers that really got me to start drinking more craft beer.

The first time I had Maine Beer MO was at Amherst Brewing Company in Amherst, MA when I was still in college. They were a guest draft and I was very into APA’s at the time because my palate was still warming up to the hop-bombs I enjoy so much today. So MO sounded right up my alley, and it certainly was, I think I had 3 or 4 of them that night at ABC for a pregame before I went out that night. Anyway that’s my back-story for this beer and the first time I had it, I am always excited when I can find it fresh or on draft locally (or any Maine Beer Co beers).

Appearance: MO pours a beautiful copper/light amber color with a billowy head about 2 inches. I absolutely love the color of this beer, love to see my APA’s to have a nice copper color like this, got a nice haziness to it as well. Laces the glass all he way down to the end. It is a really nice beer to look at, pours great.

Nose: Maine Beer Co. are some of the best when it comes to hoppy beers so this as the majority of their beers smell incredible. Lots of citrus fruits right away; grapefruit and definitely some pineapple as well. You also get some piney and floral hops in the nose as well. Smell just makes you want to immediately get to drinking this.

Taste/Mouth: Taste is right there with the smell; citrus, tropical and floral hops but very balanced with biscuit malt and not too bitter. Very pleasant and refreshing to drink, creamy. You could definitely drink a bunch of these and not get tired of them.

Availability/Price Point: Pretty readily available on the east coast, especially Northern NJ just need to check bottle dates as sometimes they tend to sit on shelves (not sure why!). Price point isn’t great but not terrible on pretty much all Maine Beer Co beers, it’ll run you about 6-7$. Their bottles are a little over a pint so it isn’t a mindblowing deal like a bomber of Hop Stoopid for 5$ but also not horrible. It is definitely not an everyday beer but more than worth buying every so often when you can grab a fresh one!

Overall: This is an awesome beer from a really awesome brewery, easily in my top 3 for APA’s (probably right behind 3F ZD) and probably my second favorite Maine Beer Co beer (right behind Lunch). It is a real treat to occasionally see it on draft but if not I am happy with having a bottle every so often when I see a fresh one!

Grade: A

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