Beer Review: Sierra Nevada’s Snow Wit White IPA


This is part 2/4 of my reviews of Sierra’s Box of Hops Variety 12 pack. Next up is their new White IPA so cleverly called Snow Wit. Like Nooner this is Snow Wit’s first release and as of now only scheduled release. White/Belgian IPAs have never really blown me away as I am not always terribly keen on Belgian beers and I feel like many times this style has seen poor execution from other breweries. I feel like breweries are often just throwing a Belgian yeast into a cookie cutter IPA recipe and expecting something amazing. Now I definitely don’t think Sierra would do something like that. This beer comes in at 5.7% ABV and 40 IBUs.

Appearance: Pours a very hazy, light copper color with a good sized white head. Appearance-wise this beer looks like a straight up Belgian Wit. Real nice lacing on this one as well.

Nose: Right off the bat you get that spiciness from the Belgian yeast mixed nicely with some spicy notes from the Summit and Experimental Dwarf Hops. I also saw on the brewing notes lemon peel and coriander were added and they give it some more Belgian-y notes. You can get a little citrus/grapefruit on the back end of the nose but it is definitely mostly dominated by the Belgian yeast and strong lemon peel.

Taste/Mouth: Good carbonation contributes to this beers light, crisp mouth. You get a little bite from the Summit hops and they give you some spicy hop notes. I gotta say I am happy the Belgian yeast isn’t crazy overpowering in the taste and it takes the backseat to some nice citrus notes up front in this beer. Definitely get the lemon peel and coriander too. The taste is a good balance between Belgian Wit and Sierra style American IPA.

Availability/Price: As always Sierra keeps the price reasonable, I think I paid about $18 for the variety 12 pack and I have seen it at a bunch of places. As far as how available this beer will be down the road, I am not entirely sure. Like Nooner I am not sure if this beer will see another release.

Overall: Definitely one of the better Belgian IPAs I have had because the Belgian notes were more subtle than I have experienced in some of the other beers. Still I find it hard to call this one an IPA. It definitely has some crossover appeal though. I gave one to my dad and he enjoyed it quite a bit as a Belgian beer guy and me being a hophead always making him try crazy double IPAs this was a nice somewhere around the middle of the road for the two of us.

Grade: B-

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