Beer Review: Evil Twin’s Hop Flood Amber Ale


Evil Twin is a brewery based in Denmark but has contracted the brewing of it’s beers out to 10 breweries throughout the world to ensure it has a large reach and that their beers can be enjoyed fresh. One of the breweries it is contracted to happens to be Two Roads right in Connecticut so I have pretty great access to a lot of awesome fresh Evil Twin beers here in NY/NJ. This one is Hop Flood, an amber ale as the bottle states. It might be an American Brown Ale though if you refer to Beer Advocate, we will get to the bottom of this in the review. Hop Flood comes in at 7% and has no IBU listed.

Appearance: This is where we have some confusion. It pours a very dark amber, or maybe its a light reddish brown. That I would say is up for debate. I’m gonna go with dark amber since they want to call it an amber. Tried my best to pour this one delicately as I could see quite a bit of stuff at the bottom of the bottle. Ended up with a good amount of floating particles (no biggie). We will say dark amber color, hazy with some suspended particles, definitely unfiltered. Small head about 1 finger with a little lacing.

Nose: Really nice nose, smells just like an IPA really. The nose also reminds me a lot of Troegs Nugget Nectar. Get some citrus fruits up front with piney and flowery notes as well. You get the malt sweetness in the back as well. Really enjoyed the nose on it, you wouldn’t expect it by the looks of this beer.

Taste/Mouth: Earthy and piney bitterness with some malt sweetness. Has a good biscuity malt presence to back up all the hoppy bitterness up front. Finishes really dry and bitter on your tongue. Taste was a little harsh first few sips but as I got further into the beer it ended up growing on me a lot. It definitely tasted somewhere between Troegs Nugget Nectar and Smuttynose’s Durty.

Price/Availability: Its a year round release from Evil Twin and a single bottle costed me $2 and change. Not entirely sure what kind of schedule Evil Twin is on with their beers they kind of just release and brew what they want when they want with their year round offerings.

Overall: I bought this beer expecting a hoppy amber and was very surprised when I poured it out and it appeared I got a chunky brown ale. I checked the bottled on date like 10+ times to make sure it wasn’t old but it was bottled about a month before my consumption. Once you get past the rough around the edges appearance this is a pretty enjoyable release from Evil Twin. It was a little harsh at first but it really ended up having a pleasant taste that grew on me, probably a good year round release substitute for a real Nugget Nectar lover. I would definitely grab this one again if I saw it.

Grade: B

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