Beer Review: Evil Twin’s Falco IPA


Following up my review of Evil Twin’s Hop Flood Amber last week with another Evil Twin review this time of their American IPA, Falco. The brewing of this beer is done by Two Road Brewing in Connecticut as a contract for Evil Twin. The text on the bottle is a nice passage about the importance of balance whether talking about a great leader or a great beer. Falco comes in at 7% ABV and no IBU is given.

Appearance: Light straw color definitely unfiltered, very hazy with some floating particles small 1 finger head that dissipated pretty quickly. Love the bottle artwork, as I do many Evil Twin beers.

Nose: Very bright floral, citrus and piney notes right up front. Very pleasant on the nose and reminds me a lot of a Stone IPA.

Taste: Good amount of bitterness right off the bat. Some citrus and earthy flavors off the backend of the bitterness. Clean, little dry bitter finish. It has a light but pleasant mouthfeel. Goes down pretty easily.

Price/Availability: Pretty fair price as usual from Evil Twin I got a single bottle for ~$2. Get a good supply of Evil Twin stuff as I am pretty near Two Roads in CT where they contract out of.

Overall: Another solid hoppy offering from Evil Twin I would definitely drink this in the future when I see it. Evil Twin is definitely moving up in my list of favorite breweries as I get to try more of their beers.

Grade: B+

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