Beer Review: Green Flash Road Warrior Imperial Rye IPA


A while ago I posted about the release of Road Warrior, Green Flash’s new Imperial Rye IPA paying homage to their traveling sales team. Well now I have had it and I have a review of it for you. Brewed with Columbus, Mosaic and Amarillo hops and Spicy Rye and Crystal Malt this is right up my alley. I am always wary of buying Green Flash beers as they tend to sit on shelves and it’s hard to find really fresh ones but since this was just released I knew it was decently fresh. Road Warrior comes in at 9% ABV and 80 IBUs.

Appearance: Deep reddish, amber color with a 1 finger head. Definitely filtered despite its darker color it has nice clarity. Nice new Green Flash bottles and label design too. Has a spot for Enjoy By date but nothing there, not cool.

Nose: Spicy, tropical fruitiness and pine dominant up front. You get a really nice spicy aroma from the rye which pairs great with the piney and spicy aroma from the hops. Great hop presence too from the nice three hops in this one columbus, mosaic and amarillo.

Taste/Mouth: Love a good spicy rye IPA. Piney and citrus hop presence dominant as well. Very smooth don’t get really any heat from the 9% ABV. Great balance of malt with the spice from the rye and bitterness of the hops. Very drinkable despite high ABV and IBU.

Availability/Price: Bought a single bottle for ~$3, as usual Green Flash 4 packs are a little pricey but available pretty much everywhere. I always question the freshness of Green Flash beers especially when, like this one, it has no bottling date or enjoy by date.

Overall: A really, really great offering from Green Flash. I am a huge rye beer fan especially Rye IPAs so this one was right up my alley. Would love to have this one on draft soon but if I can find some more fresh bottles I would probably shell out the extra money and buy a four pack of it.

Grade: A

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