Beer Review: Ithaca’s Flower Power IPA


Been dying to do a review of this one since I started this blog up. It was originally gonna be the first beer I reviewed but I wasn’t able to find a fresh six pack of it anywhere. From upstate NY it is Flower Power IPA from Ithaca Beer Company. This is one of the first IPAs I really fell in love with and one that I still very regularly purchase. I don’t wanna write to much in the intro here so let’s get right into the review. Flower Power comes in at 7,5% ABV and Ithaca does not reveal the beers IBUs.

Apperance: Poured from a 12oz bottle into a snifter. Beer is a nice hazy orange color with some floating particles. Pours a nice 1 finger head which turns to really sticky lacing down the glass. One note on appearance is Ithaca packaging is definitely one of the ugliest on the market and honestly Flower Power is one of the better ones.

Nose: Piney, resin and earthy hop notes right up front. Some good tropical fruit notes in there as well especially pineapple. This beer is hopped and dry hopped with some of my favorite hops; citra, simcoe, centennial and amarillo to name a few. The nose on a fresh flower power is really great, it falls off hard with time unfortunately.

Taste: Really piney and bitter taste but it is balanced out nicely by the malt. Despite the bitterness of this one it is really easy to put down and has a light and refreshing feel to it. Wouldn’t guess this one is 7.5% but not gonna complain that it is! Tropical and Citrus fruit come through in the back end of this one as well, grapefruit and pineapple especially. Blows a lot of the West Coast IPAs away in my opinion.

Availability/Price: Ithaca stuff is pretty available in the northeast and this is definitely one of their flagship offerings. Definitely be sure to check the date though as these tend to sit around for quite a while at some liquor stores and after 90 days this beer falls off really hard. The price is a little higher but it does boast that 7.5% ABV so the ~$12 price tag seems reasonable.

Overall: Definitely in my top 3 of readily available Northeast IPAs if not the #1. Keyword there is readily available, there are of course better ones but your gonna have trouble walking into any old liquor store on the Northeast and finding a better IPA than this one (as long as its fresh!!!). The east coast is the new west coast.

Grade: A

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