Beer Review: Rushing Duck Baby Elephant Session IPA


This is gonna be my first review of a draft beer on the site as I had a 1 liter growler filled at the brewery for this review. It is of one of my favorite local breweries Rushing Duck out of Chester NY. I have for this review their brand new session IPA, Baby Elephant. The name is a play on their incredible Double IPA, War Elephant and although it doesn’t share the same hop bill as you may think, it is certainly the baby brother of the mighty War Elephant. I drank this the day after I got my growler filled  at the brewery and have also had it a few times since fresh from the brewery. Baby Elephant comes in at 4.4% ABV and I am not sure of the exact IBU.

Appearance: Poured from a 750 mL growler into a snifter. Pours a nice 1-2 finger head which dissipates into some really good lacing down the glass. The beer is a great light orange/straw color with some nice haziness to it. Just the right color a session IPA should be!

Nose: Nice nose on this small ABV session, lots of pine, resin and citrus. Especially getting some pineapple notes. Smell reminds me a lot of Stone’s Go To, which is definitely a good thing.

Taste/Mouth: Nice clean refreshing mouth is the first thing that comes out of this beer for me. You get some dry hoppiness but its paired with a good malt presence to back it up. You get some of the pine and citrus from the nose carrying over to the taste as well. This holds true to having the drinkability of a session beer with good characteristics of an IPA shining through.

Availability/Price: This beer, like most of Rushing Ducks, is a draft only. You can only find them in NY as of now as well but a trip to the brewery is well worth it. They keep growler fill prices at the brewery very reasonable.

Overall: Another great offering from the ever growing catalog of RD beers. This is right there with a Stone Go To or a Firestone Easy Jack as far as Nose, Taste and Drinkability. The bonus you get from this one though is supporting local craft beer, hard to think of many other beers I would like to be crushing on a long hot summer day of drinking!

Grade: B+

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