Beer Review: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale



Finally getting around to posting my review of Bell’s classic American IPA Two Hearted Ale. This is a beer I frequently purchase because in NY I pretty much know it is always gonna be fresh because of how popular and sought after it is. Bell’s has also recently began canning this beer (this and Oberon are the first two) as part of their new canning initiative. I think it is important to note this beer is exclusively hopped with only centennial hops. This is certainly regarded as one of the classic examples of the American IPA style. Two Hearted comes in at 7% with no IBU listed.

Appearance: Slightly hazy deep gold to light copper color. 1 finger head with really great sticky lacing. Love the new can design, nice updated logo as the bottle logo is a bit dated and kind of ugly so the visual upgrade is well deserved.

Nose: You get the nose the second you crack the can. Really dank resin and pine nose. You get some fruity notes, some grapefruit and other citrus fruits. Great showcase of the centennial hop in the nose of this beer, very enjoyable.

Taste/Mouth: First thing you notice is the incredible balance of this beer. Piney resin hop flavors carry over from nose with good bitterness. Crisp, clean and refreshing; such a drinkable beer. Slightly dry finish with some citrus coming at the finish as well. Need to note how balanced this beer is one more time.

Availability/Price: Good distribution in NY now. Price is reasonable the 4 pack of cans costed me around $10. At least this beer isn’t price gouged like Hop Slam…

Overall: This one lives up to its reputation as one of the best American IPAs and definitely a classic of the style. It is definitely a beer you could always count on when you want a great drinkable IPA that you can easily have a few and not worry about getting sick of it. That being said since this beer is now maybe one of the older examples of the style some new breweries have certainly taken the American IPA to the next level.

Grade: A

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