Beer Review: Tree House’s Julius IPA



Recently took a trip to visit some friends in MA and was able to hit two breweries on my way, New England Beer Company and Tree House Brewing. I will have two beer reviews from each of the breweries, I would like to start it off with this. Julius, the American IPA from Tree House Brewing Company currently rocking a perfect 100 on Beer Advocate and sitting at #2 on the Top American IPA list. This is the second time I have had this beer and I was very excited to get my hands on it again. Julius comes in at 6.5% ABV and does not list IBUs.

Appearance: Super hazy deep golden/copper. Poured a nice 1-2 finger head and leaves amazing lacing down the glass. Really a beautiful looking beer so hazy and it just looks so fresh.

Nose: Super dank nose. Get a lot of citrus and mango immediately. Pick up some pine, resin and some orange as well. Smells like fresh hops. One of the most pleasant noses on a beer you will ever experience.

Taste/Mouth: Lot of the nose carries over here, bursting with citrus especially orange and grapefruit. You get the mango as well coming through. Fair amount of bitterness, finishes semi dry and has a great full smooth creamy mouthfeel. Scary how drinkable this beer is.

Availability/Price: Brewery only for growler fills and possibly occasionally making it to a few bars around MA. Price is 8$ for 750mL I believe which isn’t the best but hey they can charge it and I will gladly pay it.

Overall: This is right up there with Hill Farmstead and Lawson’s stuff, right in that same category of amazingly special beers. You won’t find many other beers like this or of this caliber. I will gladly drive to the middle of nowhere MA to buy this again and again, you should too. That being said Julius is the first beer on this site to earn perfection!

Grade: A+

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