Beer Review: New England Beer Co’s Fat-Ten-Er #8 IPA



Here is the other beer I picked up during my visit to New England Beer Company in CT. The Eighth part in their Fat-Ten-Er series (I also had #7 while there) an American IPA hopped exclusively with Equinox hops. Fat-Ten-Er #8 comes in at 6.8% ABV and doesn’t give an IBU.

Appearance: Super hazy deep gold color with a nice thick 1 finger head. Had really nice lacing down the side of the glass. Very similar color to the previously reviewed Gandhi-Bot.

Nose: Dank as hell full of resin, pine and lots of tropical fruit notes. Loving the aroma of the all Equinox hops, which is a hop that isn’t utilized all that much yet.

Taste/Mouth: Nice hop bitterness right away with some tropical notes carrying over. Pine and citrus in the mouth as well. Mouth is a bit syrupy though which is my only complaint.

Availability/Price: Limited brewed once as part of the series and available only at the brewery. Price was good for growler fills though.

Overall: A great one off offering from NEBC which has a great nose and very pleasant taste. Great utilization of the Equinox hop, only complaint is it feels a bit syrupy for an IPA. Overall very enjoyable though.

Grade: A-

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