Beer Review: New England Beer Co’s Gandhi-Bot Double IPA



I have had a busy two weeks recently so I have a lot of reviews to catch up on. First I am going to get done the two beers I picked up from New England Beer Company the same weekend I went up to Tree House. I will start it off with their highly sought after Double IPA, Gandhi-Bot. I have been looking to get my hands on this one for a while now (not more than I have been seeking their single hop Citra IPA, Fuzzy Baby Ducks though) and have finally managed to get up to the brewery and grab a growler of it. They have moved to quite a bigger sized building than the last time I was up there about 1-2 years ago and the tasting room was quite full when I got there on a Friday afternoon. Gandhi-Bot comes in at 8.8% IBU and 85 IBUs.

Appearance: Poured from my 750mL growler into the Gandhi-Bot snifter I bought while at the brewery. Pours a super hazy deep gold, light orange color. Poured a 1 finger head (took the picture a little late since I was busy inhaling the aroma of it) and had nice lacing down the entire glass.

Nose: Huge aromas of resin, pine and citrus fruits. Really big nose on this one smells of straight hops, which is a variety of three (simcoe, amarillo and chinook perhaps?). Really enjoyed the nose and spent quite a bit of time continuing to enjoy it before moving on to taste.

Taste/Mouthfeel: Get a good amount of the pine and resin carry over from the nose into the taste as well as some nice tropical fruit notes. Not crazy bitter for a double rather very full of flavor. NIce balance of maltiness as well, sweet caramel malt notes. Hides the 8.8% extremely well, its barely even noticeable that this beer is that high of ABV.

Price/Availability: In addition to growlers at the brewery they also can this beer but as far as I can tell when it is canned and distributed they go rather quickly. Pricewise I was impressed with the nice low prices of growler fills at the brewery (sometimes breweries take advantage of hype).

Overall: An unreal double IPA from easily the best brewery in Connecticut and definitely one of the best on the East Coast. I could drink this very frequently. Another perfect one from my weekend trip to MA.

Overall: A+

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