Beer Review: Westbrook’s Gose



Westbrook Brewing is quicly becoming one of my favorite east coast breweries, their IPA being one of my go to IPAs and everything I have been trying by them has been great. Added bonus? Well the cans of course! Today I have my review of their sour, salty and delicious Gose. It is their take on a classic German style sour wheat beer. A style that was once nearly extinct has been seeing some daylight thanks to the adventurous nature of American craft brewers. Westbrook’s Gose comes in at 4% ABV and a whopping 5 IBUs.

Appearance: Little hazy golden orange with a small white head that is gone quickly. Lots of carbonation bubbles moving in the glass as well. As usual absolutely love the cans and the can artwork.

Nose: Salt, salt water, the ocean and sour candy. Lemon, lime and wheat are on the nose as well. Can almost feel your glands salivating when your smelling this.

Taste/Mouth: Sour, salty and sweet all at the same time. Acidic as well like white vinegar. Wheat, lemon and maltiness on the back-end with some sourness finishing it out. Finishes dry and sour; immediately want to take another sip of this strange, delicious and complex beer. Really unlike any beer I have ever had, really any beverage I have had in my life.

Availability/Price: Rotating offering from Westbrook who always keep their prices very reasonable for 6 packs.

Overall: So unique! Really love it. While drinking it I kept thinking to myself this doesn’t seem like something you should enjoy really but it really is so refreshing and delicious. Makes you want to keep drinking it. I have to say though I am glad I split the six pack with a friend because I have to say drinking six of these sounds like a bit much. Not an everyday beer but definitely one I will gladly drink again in the future! Well done Westbrook.

Grade: A-

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