Beer Review: Stone/Beachwood/Heretic Unapologetic Double IPA



Another Stone collaboration release, another Stone Double IPA but hey I’m not complaining. They know what they like and I like what they know. This is a collaboration between Stone, Beachwood BBQ and Heretic Brewing. It is a Double IPA that uses a bunch of new experimental hops from Washingtons Yakima Valley. Unapologetic comes in at 8.8% and IBUs are not given.

Appearance: Very little haze, bright golden color. 1 finger head dissipates quickly and leaves really nice lacing down the glass. A very good looking beer. As usual a nice looking label from Stone as well.

Nose: Very floral nose with some pine and resin but less than normal for a Stone IPA or DIPA. Some malt sweetness on the nose with a little citrus fruit as well.

Taste/Mouth: Floral/earthy coming over from the nose with some citrus fruit flavors and some melon as well. Finishes pretty dry with a little bite from the alcohol. Medium carbonation and a nice moderate bitterness gives it a nice mouthfeel.

Price/Availability: Stone always great on availability and price. Can find this pretty much everywhere in the US and the bomber is $10 which isn’t bad considering ABV and that its a special release. Brewed once.

Overall: This is not my favorite DIPA Stone has ever done but it is an interesting beer showcasing some brand new hops. Glad to see Stone is continuing to push the boundaries of the style and keeping things interesting and different. Perhaps my palate is just not used to these hops yet but they just weren’t doing it for me. Reminded me a lot of another new hop people are raving about now, Calypso, just not a fan of that hop variety. I will definitely look to try more beers showcasing the new Yakima hops. I’ll keep drinking doubles as long as you keep brewing them Stone!

Grade: B

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