Beer Review: Flying Dog Single Hop Citra Imperial IPA



From Flying Dog’s series of Single Hop Imperial IPA’s I have the Citra variety. In the past I have and enjoyed the El Dorado variety of the Single Hop Series quite a bit so when I heard that the newest one would feature one of my absolute favorite hop varieties in Citra I was very excited to give it a try. In the past I have been not too impressed with a lot of Flying Dog’s hoppy beer selections but obviously was willing to give this a go due to the Citra and that I did enjoy the El Dorado one as well. Single Hop CItra Imperial IPA comes in at 10% ABV and 70 IBUs.

Appearance: Nice 1 finger head produces some really great sticky lacing down the entire glass. Very bright golden color which is just slightly hazy. As usual Flying Dog with some great bottle and packaging art.

Nose: Citrus fruit particularly grapefruit right up front with a good amount of pine and resin as well. Smells like sweet fruit juice with some orange citrus coming through as well. You get some of the alcohol in the nose as well with some stinky onion aromas (not a bad thing!).

Taste/Mouth: Very tropical fruit and citrus forward with some good bitterness throughout the beer. Somewhat dry finish with good malt sweetness balancing out the bitterness. Pretty warming from the alcohol but it is pleasant and adds to the complexity of the beer.

Availability/Price: You would expect a 10% beer to come in a 4 pack but this one is in a 6 pack so for $13 your getting a pretty damn good deal. Rotating availability but mostly available in July I believe.

Overall: Really like this one from Flying Dog a lot and I love the concept of the series. Gotta say most of Flying Dog’s other hoppy offerings are pretty terrible in my opinion (Raging Bitch, Snake Dog, etc) but they nailed this one. I will continue to try out all the Single Hop Imperial IPAs they release and hope to see them do this one again in the future!

Grade: A-

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