Beer Review: Green Flash’s Citra Session IPA


Follow up my Flying Dog Single Hop Citra Imperial IPA up with another Single Hop Citra beer this time the Citra Session IPA from Green Flash. From their Hop Odyssey I was very excited to see this on shelves in NJ this past week. Also knowing it was fresh is also a huge plus since you never really know with Green Flash beers, they tend to sit on shelves quite a bit unfortunately. Citra Session comes in at 4.5% ABV and 45 IBUs.

Appearance: Golden yellow with no haze, perfect clarity. Good 1-2 finger head and incredible lacing. I like the updated Green Flash labels as well.

Nose: Tropical fruit and citrus fruits up front especially getting a lot of mandarin and grapefruit in this one. Some pine and resin; smells  nice and sweet. Big aroma with a 4.5% beer.

Taste/Mouth: Nice amount of bitterness and light-medium carbonation gives a nice bite on your tongue and makes it an easy drinker. Really very light and refreshing and very drinkable. Really nice citrus notes in the flavor from the exclusive citra hopping. Balanced out by some biscuit and grassy malt notes. Awesome approachable and drinkable beer so easy to kick back and enjoy.

Price/Availability: Rotating availability but this is the first time I have seen it bottled. $6 for a bomber is a pretty fair price especially considering Green Flash can sometimes be a little overpriced.

Overall: Great showcase of citra hops in this very drinkable Session IPA. I would definitely revisit this beer many times in the future. Will definitely grab it whenever I see it!

Grade: A-

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