Beer Review: Sierra Nevada/Oskar Blues Canfusion Rye Bock



Have a lot of reviews to catch up on and I will start by finishing the remainder of the Beer Camp Across America beers. I drank all of these when I bought the pack over a month ago now and made my notes then so keep in mind I did drink these pretty fresh, I am not just now drinking them. Up next is the Oskar Blues collaboration, Canfusion a rye bock. This was definitely one of the beers that intrigued me more than some of the others since it was different, in a can and had rye in it (I love rye beers). Canfusion comes in at 7.2% ABV and 45 IBUs (lot of beers in the pack had 45 IBU).

Appearance: Copper amber color with a 2 finger head producing some really nice lacing down the glass. The head was thick and creamy, good clarity in this one too. Glad they canned it in the spirit of collabing with Oskar Blues.

Nose: Clean fruity lager yeast up front with a good dose of rye spiciness. Malt sweetness and caramel is noticeable as well but mostly the lager yeast and rye.

Taste/Mouth: Spicy rye with a good bite from the rye and some hoppy bittnerness as well. Finishes the same way with rye and bitterness. Nice malty beer all the way through with great spicy notes, pepper and citrus hops as well. Nice medium carb and body on it makes it very drinkable yet still pretty complex.

Price/Availability: One time only collab, same as the rest of the pack.

Overall: Really drinkable rye lager, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Good unique updated Americanized version of the classic Bock. Nice to see they decided to do something fun and different with their collaboration. This is one of the six better beers in the pack. I am a huge rye beer person and would definitely have this again if it was made available.

Grade: B+

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