Beer Review: Sierra Nevada/Allagash Myron’s Walk Belgian Style Pale Ale



Final three beers from the Beer Camp Across America. Myron’s Walk a Belgian Style Pale Ale brewed in collaboration with Portland, Maine’s Allagash is up next. When they first released the list of collaborators and styles I was probably the least surprised to see that the collab with Allaghash was something Belgian. Little Belgian from Allagash paired with the king of Pale Ales? Seems like a winning recipes, not super innovative or anything but at least they seemed to choose something they know would work. Myron’s Walk comes in at 5.3% ABV and 38 IBUs.

Appearance: Golden yellow color, very bright and hazy beer. 1 finger head with some decent lacing. Nice color to this beer.

Nose: Belgian yeast with the coriander and orange hitting right up front of course. Pine, resin, citrus hop notes coming through as well. This beer was finished with Cascade, Citra and Mosaic, gotta love that. Lot of fruity notes coming from the yeast as well. Really soft and enjoyable nose on this beer.

Taste/Mouth: Earthy, orange peel, citrus fruit, coriander and a tang from the Belgian yeast. A little bite of pine from the hops as well. Medium body and medium carbonation gives a nice bite on the tongue as well. Very drinkable beer not too much Belgian flavors to overwhelm the nice subtle American twist on this beer.

Price/Availability: Just this once!

Overall: Upper middle class as far as rank in the pack is concerned here. Don’t normally seek out many Belgian beers but I definitely respect and usually enjoy anything from Allagash. What your getting here is just a by product of two breweries doing what each of them do best. Playing off their strong points they make a very nice drinkable beer.

Grade: B

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