Beer Review: Sierra Nevada/Ninkasi Double Latte Coffee Milk Stout


Finally we have reached the end! The collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Ninkasi, Double Latte, is the final beer review of the Beer Camp Across America! It was a long road but I am glad I got reviews done of all twelve beers. The pack featured many letdowns but some good beers as well. I saved Double Latte for last as I had heard from many people that it was by far the best one in the pack. I finally got around to drinking and reviewing it, so here you have it the completion of the twelve pack of collabs in the beer camp across america pack. Double Latte comes in at 7.6% ABV and 60 IBUs.

Appearance: Very dark black color with no light making it through. Nice 1 and a half finger head, very thick head creating some amazing lacing.

Nose: Coffee real big up front. Lactose, espresso, roasted malt, milk chocolate and brownies. Get a slightly nutty character coming through as well, like a hazelnut roasted coffee. Really enjoyable complex nose, spent a lot of time enjoying it.

Taste/Mouth: Really nice mouthfeel, silky smooth thick body. Lot of coffee and milk chocolate in the taste carrying over from the nsoe. Lactose again as well nice slightly smokey and coffee aftertaste. Milk chocolate all the way through this one. Low-medium carbonation and very drinkable. Warmed up nice too.

Price/Availability: One time only.

Overall: Heard it was the best in the entire twelve pack, definitely was up there in the top 3. I have had some Ninkasi beers in the past that I liked a lot and some that I was pretty underwhelmed or indifferent toward. Gotta say they really nailed it on this and in a pack featuring many breweries which I consider to be more elite than them, they proved they deserve to be in this pack and considered one of the best breweries in the US.

Grade: A-

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