Beer Review: Half Acre Daisy Cutter APA


Hi! Apologies for the ridiculous lack of posts. Been very busy with the move, searching for a new job and drinking lots of good beer! I have notes on around 12 beers that I need to turn into reviews ASAP! The first review I have for you is of Half Acre’s American Pale Ale, Daisy Cutter. Currently sitting at #31 on the top APA list on Beer Advocate this is certainly one of the Midwest’s, and Chicago in particular, most infamous American Pale Ales (Three Floyd’s obviously being the most). Nonetheless when I first visited Chicago a few years ago this was one of the first beers I sought out because I knew it would be readily available and I have been very much in love ever since. Daisy Cutter comes in at 5.2% ABV and 60 IBUs.

Appearance: Really hazy orange color with 1 finger head. Really great lacing on the glass. Love the haziness and color of this beer. Huge fan of the can art as well and the tall boy cans!

Nose: Huge citrus fruit aromas with some pine and floral hop notes as well. Orange is very prevalent on the nose matching the color of the beer and sticky resin smell as well. Massive nose for an APA and in a blind taste one could very well mistake the nose for that of an IPA.

Taste/Mouth: Citrus comes over just as big from the nose in the taste with grassy and cereal malt notes to balance out the huge hop presence. This beer is the perfect bitterness and it is super drinkable, one of the most sessionable APAs in my mind. Full mouthfeel and finishes slightly dry but still feels refreshing and nice. Same as nose, this could be perceived as an IPA pretty easily but the balance and lower ABV make it a perfect example of a new age APA.

Price/Availability: Great aavailabilityin Chicago, often grab a six pack at Marianos while grocery shopping. It is on draft at a great deal of bars and restaurants in Chicago. If its not on draft at a bar they will most likely have cans. $10 a 4 pack but well worth it for what your getting and usually around 5-6 on draft at bars.

Overall: One of the best APAs available in the US for sure. Obviously has tough competition here in the Midwest with Three Floyds being a short drive away. Nonetheless this is somewhere in my list of top APAs near the top. If you see it don’t hesitate, drink it. Drink a lot of it.

Grade: A

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