Beer Review: Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale



Here is one of Lagunitas “Limited Releases” or seasonal beers as other breweries call them, their Imperial Red Ale. I will say right off the bat anything Lagunitas makes in a bomber I basically instantly buy. It is always prices between 3-5$ and is usually pretty damn amazing beer especially for that price. This wasn’t my first time having this beer when I reviewed it but I was glad to revisit. Imperial Red comes in at 7.8% ABV and 54.2 IBUs.

Appearance: Hazy dark red/copper, kind of akin to an older penny, with a 1-2 finger head and some damn good lacing. This is a damn nice looking beer. Always keeping it simple with the bottle art as well.

Nose: Resiny, pine with some more pine and a little bit of citrus fruits and pineapple over a nice malty background.

Taste/Mouth: Good amount of biscuit malt is noticeable right away and that pine and resin carrying over from the nose of course. Nice bite of bitterness and finishes malty and semi dry. Pretty easy drinker for 7.8% and a very good balance between IPA like hops and a nice malt base.

Price/Availability: Lagunitas killing it with the price as usually, $3.99 for a bomber of this stuff and great availability too of course, especially since they brew here in Chicago now!

Overall: Like Hop Stoopid or Sucks Lagunitas comes through with a really great beer sold in a bomber for a really affordable price. I am definitely a fan of Imperial Reds/Imperial Amber style beers as well and its no surprise Lagunitas, being the masters of hops they are, were able to make an extremely well crafted example of the Imperial Red style. Basically go out and get this while its still seasonally available, at that price and this quality there is nothing to lose!

Grade: B+

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