Beer Review: Pipeworks Mosaic Imperial IPA



A few weeks back I reviewed Pipeworks Simcoe Imperial IPA, part of their Ninja series which showcases single hop varieties in Imperial IPAs. I have now for you the Mosaic Ninja Imperial IPA. This is the newest of the Ninjas at this point in time I believe and this was the first time it has been brewed. Was lucky enough to grab one at Binnys a few weeks back when it was released. Drank it super fresh and made my notes and now finally getting around to writing up the review. If you saw my review of Simcoe you know that I was a little underwhelmed by that Ninja and I have had my issues with some others in the past and have yet to decide whether the series as a whole is overrated or that certain ones shine. Mosaic comes in at 10% ABV and does not list IBU.

Appearance: Hazy deep copper color with a 1 and a half finger head. Very sticky lacing. I love how all the ninjas have different faces on the artwork of the bottle, depicting different members of the breweries staff I would assume?

Nose: Straight passionfruit right up front in this one, oh man is that good. Also loads of orange, citrus fruits, pineapple and pine. Smells really dank and is a very intense aroma that hits you hard. Perfectly showcasing how incredible the aromas of the Mosaic hop can be.

Taste/Mouth: Really juicy and full mouthfeel, a bit sticky feel as well. Citrus, orange, pineapple and grapefruit. Has a dry and sticky finish. Not as much ethanol and heat in this one compared to some other ninjas I have had, this one really doesn’t have much at all especially for a 10%er. Blood oranges in the aftertaste as well. Little biscuit and maltiness on the backend too.

Price/Availability: First time they have brewed this Ninja with Mosaic and the bomber ran me about $10.

Overall: My favorite Ninja for sure, probably my favorite pipeworks beer I have had at this point in time. So drinkable for 10%, I will pick it up every time I see it. This one deserves the hype of the Ninja series and deserves hype period. It is a wonderful showcase of the fantastic Mosaic hop and is definitely a must try if you see it.

Grade: A+

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