Beer Review: Three Floyds Evil Power Imperial Pilsner



Some Three Floyds action coming your way with their European Style Pilsner brewed in collaboration with the heavy metal band Lair of the Minotaur to commemorate the release of their latest studio album “Evil Power”. The beer obviously getting its name from the name of the album and artwork inspired by the bands art as well. Three Floyds are often only associated with their hoppy American style beers but they are definitely fans of older and European style beers as well. Was excited to see this on the shelf at my local shop about a month ago when I picked it up. Evil Power comes in at 7.2% ABV and 56 IBUs.

Appearance: Glowing orange/light copper color, unfiltered and pretty hazy with a nice 2 finger head.Sticky lacing from the very thick head. Always like Three Floyds bottle artwork, this heavy metal inspired art is pretty sweet.

Nose: Fruity, German yeast. Lots of pilsner malt aromas with some earthy floral hops in there. Smells as I expected it too. Smells very pleasant and clean, very inviting.

Taste/Mouth: Clean pilsner taste, that nice fruity yeasty smells carried over into the taste as well. Pilsner malt again playing a huge part in this beer with some biscuit and grain notes as well. Very clean, refreshing and certainly crushable. You also get some citrus flavors like orange and lime in there as well. Good mouthfeel, light t drink but at the same time has a thick feel to it and medium carbonation. Hardly notice the 7.2% at any point in the tasting.

Price/Availability: Rotating availability and around $10-12 for a bomber. Which is on the cheaper end for Three Floyds bombers unfortunately.

Overall: I have yet to have a Three Floyds beer I really disliked. This isn’t anything special or groundbreaking but it is a good updated take on a classic style. It was about what I expected, maybe I thought it would be a little more jacked up on hops though.

Grade: B

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