Beer Review: Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA



I have thoroughly enjoyed Deschutes beers being readily available here in Chicago as I have visited friends and family in Portland a few times and enjoyed drinking their beer while there. Unfortunately I didn’t have much access to it while I was living in NJ. Expect more reviews from them in the future but for now I have for you a review of their very talked about about IPA, Fresh Squeezed. Holding down a 95 from BA and a 96 from the bros this is certainly a sought after IPA especially among east coast hopheads who cannot regularly get their hands on it. Fresh Squeezed comes in at 6.4% ABV and 60 IBUs.

Appearance: Hazy deep copper color almost toward an amber color. 1 finger head with some nice lacing. As far as IPAs go this color doesn’t thrill me, I definitely like my IPAs to be a lighter color than this. This looks more like a Double IPA or an amber.

Nose: This beer is hopped with Citra and Mosaic two of my favorite hops. Citrus, blood orange, passionfruit, grapefruit and even some peach. Definitely a good amount of sweet maltiness in the nose too.

Taste/Mouth: Taste follows the nose with plenty of citrus, grapefruit and oranges. Really juicy beer with a decent bite from the hops. Lots of malt balances this one out. One of the maltier IPAs I have had in quite a long time. It is definitely a beer you can have your friends who “Don’t drink IPAs” try and probably get them on the bandwagon. It is really drinkable, Mosaic definitely takes the driver seat and Citra is sitting shotgun.

Price/Availability: Year round offering from Deschutes and availability is pretty good in the Midwest and west coast. Price here in Chicago is right around $11 for a sixer.

Overall: In this hopheads opinion, this is a bit too malty of an IPA. Doesn’t mean it is bad, quite the opposite really I think it is extremely well done and is probably some IPA lovers absolute favorite. I personally like malt to be toned down and the hops and bitterness to be on the forefront of my IPAs. Balance is important but this might even be too balanced in my opinion. Nonetheless this is a very drinkable beer and certainly one people should try and determine for themselves whether it is up their alley.

Grade: B

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