Beer Review: Half Acre Lager Town Octoberfest



About a month or month and a half ago I took a trip over to the Half Acre brewery (by trip I mean 20 minute bus ride) and sampled what they had on draft, picked up a growler of Space and grabbed a bottle of their newest release at the time Lager Town. Love the Half Acre brewery, always have a nice conversation with the guys at the tap room (the cashier offered me one of their growlers for my Hill Farmstead flip top, I declined) and am always very excited to try every beer I can when I am there. I do enjoy Octoberfests but I do not really seek them out, I have a few when they are in season but never really feel like they are worth reviewing. Nonetheless of the few I drank this year I thought I would at least review Half Acre’s  attempt at the German style lager. Lager Town comes in at 6% ABV.

Appearance: Hazy and unfiltered for sure is an amber color with some reddish hues. Pours just about a 1 finger head that provides some very nice sticky lacing. Love the artwork from Half Acre as usual, they had a few varieties of artwork for this one as well.

Nose: Caramel and toffee are noticeable right at the forefront with nice accents of fruity German yeast. Also some graininess and malt with a light roastiness to it as well. This has a very clean nose, enjoyable.

Taste/Mouth: Caramel and toffee again right at the beginning followed by roasted malt and some sweetness. Some earthy hops come into play. Like the nose the taste is also very clean and pleasant, super drinkable and definitely a beer you could put a 2 liter down of. Medium carbonation.

Availability/Price: Seasonal availability obviously and bomber at the brewery was around $7.

Overall: Nice take on the style pretty much every brewery does this time of year. Great way to kick off the month of October and fall and glad I bought this one. Would definitely grab it again next year when the time comes.  The bottle made a great decoration for my fireplace mantle as well!

Grade: B

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