Beer Review: Revolution Unsessionable Imperial IPA



Chicago’s own Revolution has recently released their response to the Session IPA craze that has swept craft beer this past year or two with their Unsessionable Imperial IPA. Loaded with six of everyones favorite hop varieties; Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo,Galaxy, Citra and Cascade this one is for serious hop loves (hey that’s me!). When I walked into Binnys like a month or two ago and saw this I don’t even think I looked around the store. I checked out and immediately came home and cracked one open I was so excited. This is also Revolutions first special release to be in a can. Unsessionable comes in at 10% ABV and a whopping 100 IBUs.

Appearance: Hazy golden yellow with a nice pillowey white 1 finger head. Really great lacing down the glass as well. Love the can art, as I often do from Revolution (Anti-Hero is one of my favorite cans ever).

Nose: Pineapple, citrus, piney, resin, really really dank nose on this one. Juicy fruit and tropical juice aromas as well. Great combination of all the hops featured, definitely get a ton of Galaxy coming to the forefront of it all though.

Taste/Mouth: Really good balance of pine and resin hops with some sweet caramel malt notes. Sticky finish and a nice full mouth feel. Everything balances itself out nicely and allow the hops to really come through and shine. Juicy fruit and tropical fruits are carried over from the nose as well. So very drinkable on top of everything else.

Price/Availability: A 6 pack of this was about $13 which is an amazing deal, not sure about how regularly this one will be getting brewed yet.

Overall: Absolutely amazing stuff from Revolution here. I previously called Anti-Hero the go to staple IPA of Chicago and I think I’ll go ahead and call this the best Double IPA available in Chicago. Showcases amazing hops in an amazing way and really just one of the better beers I have had the fortune of drinking. Really hope this one is here to stay.

Grade: A+

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