Beer Review: Arcade Brewery Grapefruit IPA



I have been seeing Arcade Brewery’s stuff at my local store and all around Chicago since I have moved here and the Grapefruit IPA has always caught my eye because of the nicely designed label and of course because it is an IPA. It is also pretty affordable and while I tend to stray from beers with added fruit juices (since it rarely ends well) I decided one night to grab one since it was cold in the cooler at the store and I could drink it immediately after arriving home. Grapefruit IPA comes in at 6.3% ABV and 65 IBUs.

Appearance: Second I began pouring this I did not like the look of things. This is way too dark for an IPA if you ask me, its a dark amber brown. One and half finger head with decent lacing. Looks like a darker Sierra Nevada Pale Ale kind of. I do like the label artwork a lot though and feel like the appealing visual label definitely can get some people purchasing this beer.

Nose: Smells really malty which judging this beer by the color isn’t all that surprising. I was expecting way more citrus and grapefruit aromas since the beer is called Grapefruit IPA and has added grapefruit juice. Really don’t get much grapefruit or even hop aromas in the nose, some earthy hop notes maybe some Cascade type aromas.

Taste/Mouth: Malt sweetness in the mouth with some bite from hop bitterness. It’s not terrible but its nothing like the citrusy hop bomb I was hoping for and wanted when I purchased a beer called Grapefruit IPA. You get some grapefruit notes in the finish and aftertaste of the beer. It is a decently drinkable beer, they called it a sessionable IPA which I am not sure if I would want to session this beer but it is definitely drinkable.

Price/Availability: Decent in Chicago, the brewery is like a 20 minute car ride from my house and the price was good at around $7 for a bomber.

Overall: Eh it was not what I thought it would be so I have to call this one a letdown. But really my expectations weren’t incredibly high since I have heard very little about this brewery and even less about this IPA in respects to some of their other releases. It is certainly drinkable but more as a malty pale ale than a grapefruit IPA. Reminds me of a combination of a Fresh Squeezed that has been sitting around a little too long and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I would try some of their other releases in the future but probably avoid this one.

Grade: C

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