Beer Review: Goose Island Matilda Belgian Style Pale Ale



Matilda, a beer I have had many times but am just getting around to reviewing now. My roommate gifted me a 4 pack of the Goose Island Belgian Pale Ale for my birthday this year. This is certainly a well known beer, an award winning beer and a pioneer in its category. I have 2 of the 4 beers from the pack in my cellar so I am definitely looking forward to see how well this beer develops over time. For now though I have for you a review of a less than a year old Matilda. Matilda comes in at 7% and 26 IBU.

Appearance: Light copper color with a 1/2 finger head and the slightest haze, caused primarily from yeast sediment due to the bottle conditioning. Very minimal lacing. Love the bottle artwork of all the GI Belgian beers, very simple but visually appealing.

Nose: Belgian yeast, farmhouse, Brettanomyces, clove, fruity, sour fruit, dried orange, dried citrus fruits, spicy and lemon. Very funky but pleasant. Quite a large spectrum of scents you get from this beer as expected from a Belgian beer.

Taste/Mouth: Follows the nose with some funky sour Brett notes followed by fruit, clove and dried citrus fruits. Some biscuit malt, lemon and tropical fruit notes as well. Has a light mouth-feel, light carbonation and just a slight bite of bitterness which may be caused in part from the sour notes. On that note though it is very easy to drink and none of those flavor notes are overwhelming.

Price/Availability: This is a very widely available beer both in bottle form and on draft as well. Wish the price point was a little better.

Overall: This isn’t a style I actively pursue very often, I just don’t go out of my way to buy Belgian or Belgian style beers really. I have to say I am a fan of Matilda though, it is an extremely drinkable yet complex and readily available beer. I think its a great starter beer for people looking to dive into the crazy complex world of Belgian style beers.

Grade: B+

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