Beer Review: Half Acre Heyoka IPA


This IPA from Half Acre is now known as Senita IPA but when I made my notes on this one it was still called Heyoka. They had to change the name because of some disagreements over the origin of the name. Half Acre is currently working on their expansion into a larger brewing facility which will increase there distribution area and production. Heyoka or Senita comes in at 7% ABV.

Appearance: Clear bright golden yellow with a 1 finger head and some real nice lacing.

Nose: Really nice bright aroma. Very piney and resinous, lots of grapefruit and citrus fruits in the aroma as well. Very pleasant nose that hits you hard when you pour it from the can.

Taste/Mouth: Follows the nose really nicely with lots of grapefruit and pine. Some earthy and floral notes with a strong biscuit malt backbone which balances the beer out perfectly. Finishes slightly dry and sticky. A very nice full mouthfeel and the appropriate amount of carbonation.

Price/Availability: 4 pack of 16oz cans for around $10. Very widely available here in Chicago both in canned form as well as on draft.

Overall: A great offering from the makers of many other incredible beers. Truly one of Chicago’s best local options, this and daisy cutter are two of my go-to beers out at the bar. This and Anti-Hero are the first two IPAs you should have when you get to Chicago.

Grade: A-

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