Beer Review: Pipeworks Cascade Imperial IPA


I continue to try and grab every Pipeworks ninja I see and review them all. This time I have Cascade Ninja, which I have had before reviewing it but wanted to buy it again so I could write a review (and have the bottle for my Ninja collection).

Appearance: Deep copper/light amber color, 1 finger head and some super sticky lacing. Standard Ninja artwork.

Nose: Pretty juicy citrus smell with some grapefruit notes sticking out. Lot of floral and spice coming out of the nose as well.

Taste/Mouth: Spicy and citrusy with some floral notes as well from the nose. Pretty brutal on your palate, very hoppy and bitter. Finished dry and with some heat and a bit from the alcohol content.

Availability: Rotating with hop availability, prices around $10 and pretty readily available in Chicago.

Overall: Another ninja showcasing a great hop. This one is in the middle of the pack as far as ranking the Ninjas. I don’t think its one of their best but I would buy it again as I definitely still consider it to be a solid beer that I enjoyed drinking. Another job well done Pipeworks.

Grade: B

One thought on “Beer Review: Pipeworks Cascade Imperial IPA

  1. Have ya tried Santa Vs. Unicorn? Check out our review of it! Pipeworks is one of my favorite breweries out of Chicago-Always knows how to please the palette

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