Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA


Sierra Nevada is always pushing the envelope with new brewing techniques, especially new ways to utilize hops in their beers. Hop Hunter is brewed with fresh distilled hop oil adding that to Sierra’s long list of brewing innovations. Hop Hunter comes in at 6.2% ABV and 60 IBUs.

Nose: Really floral and earthy, lots of floral aromas dominate the nose. You get some citrus as well, the hop oil definitely adds a different feel to the aroma.

Appearance: 1 finger head with some floating particles in the beer, light golden/copper color.

Taste/Mouth: Taste is crisp and light, slight bitterness with those earthy, floral hops coming over from the nose. Some citrus, pine and grapefruit in the taste as well. A good malt presence in it as well with medium carbonation and finishes very clean.

Price/Availability: Year round and around $9-10 for a 6 pack, Sierra is very available.

Overall: A pretty decent new IPA from Sierra, they rarely disappoint. I would have it again but probably would not seek it out regularly.

Grade: B

Beer Review: Revolution Galaxy Hero IPA


I do my best to grab all the local Chicago beers I can to review on here as that is where I am based out of. I definitely do my best to grab everything Revolution releases as they are certainly one of the leaders here in Chicago. I have their Galaxy Hero IPA up next, which features (obviously) Galaxy hops as well as Zythos. Galaxy Hero comes in at 7% ABV and 80 IBUs.

Nose: Big citrus up front with some pine, tropical fruit. I am also getting some earthy and flowers notes as well. Its mostly citrus and tropical fruits though.

Appearance: Very slightly hazy copper color with a 1 and a half finger head. Nice lacing as well. Love the bottle art and really loving the new cans they just released, that blue color is amazing.

Taste/Mouth: Super drinkable, can’t stress that enough, can absolutely crush these. Earthy and piney hop flavors in the front, slightly bitter with no alcohol presence at all. Mild carbonation, finished nice with the fruit coming through from the nose. Again some grassy, earthy notes coming through in the taste as well. Nice all the way through and very fresh tasting.

Price/Availibility: Around $8 for a bomber of this, not sure of the price on a six pack. Part of the hero series so it comes around a few months every year before being replaced by another hero.

Overall: Amazing IPA from Revolution. They know how to make some really great hoppy beers. I could definitely drink this one all day, might be the best of the Hero series.

Grade: A

Beer Review: Deschutes Hop Henge IPA


Got a whole lot of backed up reviews I got to get out. Up first from Oregon’s Deschutes is their experimental IPA Hop Henge. Hop Henge comes in at 9.2% ABV and 95 IBUs.

Nose: Pine, resin, onion, hop nuggets, citrus, grapefruit. Really get the smell of hop nuggets in your hand fresh out of a bag. Super fresh smelling, getting some earthy tones in there as well. Really pleasant nose with lots of elements.

Appearance: Hazy light copper color with a 1 finger head and some great sticky lacing as your drink it down.

Taste/Mouth: Grassy, earthy and piney are right up front. It has a dry mouthfeel throughout with a dry and bitter finish. Its very bitter throughout with some nice citrus, especially grapefruit flavors coming through. Taste and feel are a little disappointing after the really nice nose this beer has, still drinkable and enjoyable though.

Price/Availability: Seasonal release and at $6 for a bomber this is one I grab every time I see it on the shelf for sure.

Overall: Price is right and this is a solid drinkable beer. Nose is really great and the taste leaves a bit to be desired but it is drinkable for 9.2%. Again, this is a beer I will purchase every year at $6 and be very happy each time!

Grade: B+