Beer Review: Maine Beer Co. Another One IPA


Despite now being a proud resident of the Midwest, I still have so much love for East Coast beers and especially ones from Maine Beer Co.! The first review I ever did for this blog was of Maine’s MO Pale Ale and now for you I have their IPA, Another One. Potentially DJ Khaled’s favorite beer Another One is the light colored counterpart to their Black IPA, Weez. Another One comes in at an even 7%.

Appearance: Super hazy light golden yellow. Small 1/2 finger head which sticks around for a while (literally) and makes it way to the side of your glass producing some excellent lacing. Such an aesthetically pleasing bottle.

Nose: Huge piney, floral and juicy citrus notes. Lots of pineapple, grapefruit, lemon and earthy notes coming through. Really bright and inviting nose.

Taste/Mouth: Really juicy citrus fruit taste coming through carrying over from the nose. Floral and earthy notes follow with a nice bite of bitterness. Finishes really clean making this is an incredible drinkable beer all the way through. All of Maine’s beers are so drinkable and clean. Great hop presence throughout the flavor profile of this beer balanced by a nice delicate malt body.

Price/Availability: Rotating and $7 for a pint bottle (as you can see by the picture which I forgot to remove the price tag!)

Overall: I will always pick one of these up if I see it fresh, or anything from Maine fresh for that matter. What a great brewery, definitely one of my favorites on the east coast. This is an incredible, drinkable IPA. Grab this one if you see it!

Grade: A

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