Beer Review: Revolution 1ZENUFF Imperial IPA


Today I have a review of the big brother beer of Revolution’s Unsessionable and the arguably even more unsessionable, 1ZENUFF Imperial IPA. 1Z Enuff comes in at a slightly higher ABV then Unsessionable and with a different variety of hops than its brother beer. With a name like that it is hard to believe they can this beer and sell it in six packs. 1ZENUFF comes in at 11% ABV and 100 IBUs.

Appearance: Slightly hazy amber color with a 1 finger head that dissipates quickly. Pretty decent lacing. Very aesthetically pleasing can, as are most of Revolutions cans. Their designers do an excellent job.

Nose: Pine resin, earthy, grassy, some passion fruit and lots of malt coming through in the nose. Smells like a fruit roll up honestly. Solid blast of ethanol on the nose as well.

Taste/Mouth: Malt sweetness with some pine, citrus and crushing bitterness. Honestly the bitterness and huge malt character overpower most of the hop character of this beer. Finishes pretty hot with that ethanol picked up from the nose hitting you at the tail end of the taste. Definitely can tell there are some great flavors and hop notes in here somewhere but it is hard to find them with the bitterness, huge sweet malt character and lingering heat.

Price/Availability: Rotating and $15 for a six pack of cans which for an 11% beer is pretty solid. When it is released it is very easy to get anywhere in the Revolution footprint.

Overall: Unsessionable’s big brother in ABV but certainly a lesser beer in most other facets. The hop varieties in 1ZENUFF are not as exciting as Unsessionable either. If not for the overpowering malt presence and brutal bitterness this would be right there with Unsessionable. It is still a decent beer and I would revisit in the future to see if they improve the recipe. Probably won’t buy a six pack again though.

Grade: B

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