Shmaltz She’brew Triple IPA


Definitely had to make sure I grabbed one of these up when it was released as it is a collaboration between Shmaltz brewery and some of their female friends in the beer industry. One of those friends is also my friend (Hi Nikki!) and helped collaborate on the recipe for this and is also one of the ladies featured on the label, she is on the left side and I did a nice job of barely getting her in the photo. She’brew features¬†Calypso, Citra, Crystal and Amarillo hops and also helps benefit young woman trying to get their feet in the brewing industry through the Pink Boots Society. She’brew comes in at 11% ABV.

Appearance: Amber, almost ruby color with a thick 1 finger head. Super sticky lacing.Has some haze to it. Label obviously rules.

Nose: Sweet malt, caramel, some pine and dark fruits. Lots of alcohol on the nose as well with muted citrus fruits as well. Not a super pronounced nose which I guess is not surprising considering the ABV.

Taste/Mouth: Follows the nose, very sweet and malty. Some pine resin hop notes along with some serious heat coming out in the mouth feel of this one. Calypso is a weird hop man, I can never quite nail down the flavors I pick up from it.

Availability: They have added this to their yearly releases. Decent price considering the ABV, can appreciate the fact a portion is donated to benefit a good cause. Shmaltz has pretty great distribution as well.

Overall: Love the idea of this all women brew collab. It is a nice example of a Triple IPA (on the malty side of the style) and pretty drinkable considering the 11%. Pick one of these up to support a great concept, a great cause and get a solid beer out of the deal as well.

Grade: B+

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