Beer Review: Mikkeller Citra Imperial IPA


I believe this is the first Mikkeller beer I have reviewed on this site, I checked and it certainly is! I have reviewed a few Evil Twin beers though, as they are a little more affordable and readily available (and more likely to be fresh!). Did not want it to seem like I had more love for Jeppe than for Mikkel though, so here is a review of Mikkeller’s single hop Imperial IPA Citra. Citra comes in at 8.9% ABV.

Appearance: Love the bottle art for this series, I am a fan of the artist who does all his bottle art. Pours a very cloudy golden yellow. Super mucky looking beer, not that it bothers me. Nice super tight 2 finger head with some real sticky lacing.

Nose: Super dank hop aroma right off the bat. Lots of citrus, grapefruit, mango, orange peel and some resin notes as well. You can pick up some malt sweetness in there as well. Really a very pleasant aroma on this one, spent a few minutes enjoying it before taking my first sip.

Taste/Mouth: Super strong citrus flavor followed up with a big hit of heat from the alcohol but I guess it is to be expected. Nice malt backbone with some sweet bready notes and finishes clean. Carbonation is right on point and helps to keep all the flavors in check. Sticky finish with some lingering citrus and grapefruit flavors coming at the back-end of this beer. Lot of depth in the flavor, which get more pronounced as the beer warms up.

Price/Availability: Not great news on either front really. This is rotating and part of the single hop series Mikkeller does but to find it fresh is the key, that is if your willing to pay the $5 for a single 12oz bottle. Maybe this will improve now that Mikkeller has locked down a brewery in Cali and can control his price point in the states better.

Overall: Great single hop Double IPA and a fine showcase of one of my favorite hops, Citra. The aroma of this beer is definitely what shined brightest. It is a little boozy and definitely loses some points for price and availability. If you can find this beer fresh and for a reasonable price than it is definitely worth picking up. Dropping $5+ on it though, that’s a judgement call.

Grade: B+

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