Beer Review: Pipeworks Hallertau Blanc Imperial IPA


You guys know the drill by now. Pipeworks makes single hop Double IPAs dubbed the Ninja series. I buy them all, I review them all, I drink most of them every chance I get. This one is a showcase of one of the hottest hop varieties out there, Hallertau Blanc. This particular Ninja, Hallertau Blanc, comes in at 10% ABV.

Appearance: Hazy golden color with a thick and pillowy white head. Really awesome sticky lacing all the way down the glass as you make your way through this beer. Standard ninja label art.

Nose: Really strong tropical fruit nose. You get pineapple, berry, mangos, passionfruit and get ready for this one, starfruit! Super awesome to get so many unique tropical fruits and to get really great notes from them all. You get some citrus fruit in there as well, especially grapefruit. Some malt sweetness of course, to be expected on a 10%er.

Taste/Mouth: Citrus comes through first with some lemon and grapefruit flavors followed up by strong tropical fruits. The sweet malt comes through as well. Not as much heat as you would expect at 10%. Very sticky and dry finish, which makes taking the next sip a no brainer.

Price/Availability: Rotating with hop availability (although I think at this point they have only done this one once). Decent price as with all the Ninjas, in the $9-$10 ballpark.

Overall: Another successful Ninja. A great showcase of one of the most popular hops in the game currently, Hallertau Blanc, which has some really amazing unique flavors to it and this is a great way to explore those flavors uninhibited. Keep them coming Pipeworks, I will continue to drink them!

Grade: A-

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