Beer Review: Mikkeller Nuclear Hop Assault Imperial IPA


More Mikkeller following the review I did of his single hop Citra a few days ago here is a review of the imperial IPA, Nuclear Hop Assault. I am still playing catch up converting my notes to actual reviews for the blog so I did get this and drink it when it was fresh. This beer has only been brewed once and I had it in the summer of last year when it first came out. Nuclear Hop Assault comes in at 8% ABV.

Appearance: Very hazy golden yellow/orange with a 1 finger soft head. Nice lacing as you move down the glass.

Nose: Clean, citrus, pine resin, floral and super juicy. Some mint and earthy notes as well. Fresh pine needles and pine sap. A nice nose really showcasing some great earthy and pine notes.

Taste/Mouth: Very drinkable for 8%. Citrus zest, grapefruit, earthy and floral flavors up front. Some nice pine flavors coming through from the nose as well. Juicy taste, clean feel and finishes dry with another dose of heavy citrus.

Price/Availability: Brewed once back in the Summer of 2015, unfortunately as usual the biggest issue here as it is with all Mikkeller beers is finding it fresh and coming to terms with the high price point. This beer in particular was $7 for a 12oz.

Overall: It is a good beer, very drinkable and a good showcase of some new hybrid hops. That being said it comes with quite a steep price tag, so unfortunately it loses some points there as pretty much all Mikkeller beers do. Glad I got to have it and I will continue to occasionally buy Mikkeller beers here and there but I doubt I need to buy this one again if they decide to brew it again.

Grade: B

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