Beer Review: Alpine Hoppy Birthday IPA


Alpine beers were for a very long time only available in such a small part of CA making them very sought after and hard to get. Since Green Flash has acquired Alpine though their beers have been a bit easier to get, although not their entire catalog gets national distribution I have since gotten to try a few of their beers. This review is of their session IPA Hoppy Birthday which comes in at 69 IBUs and 5.25% ABV.

Appearance: Light copper color with a small head that dissipates quickly. Nice lacing as you drink it down though. Although Alpine labels are very simple, I find them very appealing.

Nose: Nice nose, not huge or mind-blowing but very pleasant. Pine resin, some grapefruit and orange aromas.

Taste/Mouth: Follows the nose with a good dose of pine and grapefruit. Tropical fruit and earthy flavors also come through in the flavor. Some caramel and malt sweetness help to bring some balance to this session IPA. Finishes bitter and dry. Easy drinking.

Availability/Price: $8.99 price tag (which I forgot to remove) in a bomber, availability seems to be good in the Green Flash footprint.

Overall: Green Flash buying Alpine helped me finally get to try some Alpine beers and so far, unfortunately, I have not been blown away. They seem like hoppy beers that were amazing a few years ago and have since been trumped by some newer beers and breweries. Competition is stiff now and Alpine may need to up their game to keep up. Nonetheless this is a fine Session IPA, although I do think a session beer should be in a six pack that way it can be sessioned, ya know?

Grade: B

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