Beer Review: Stone/4 Hands/Bale Breaker Sorry Not Sorry IPA


Actually a double IPA this beer is a collaboration between Stone, 4 Hands and Bale Breaker. Certainly an interesting collaboration team of breweries and they decided on taking a stab at the fruit IPA. While I will admit I don’t usually buy fruit IPAs, this was toward the beginning of the craze before half the IPAs on the market had fruit in them. Sorry not Sorry IPA comes in at 9.3% ABV and 70 IBUs.

Appearance: A nice hazy amber, pinkish color. Nice one and a half finger head and great sticky lacing all the way down the glass. Stone sure knows how to make a pretty looking beer.

Nose: Pine, resin, some fruit characters and a fair amount of sweetness on the nose as well, I would imagine the peach puree addition and all the sugar that comes with it helped with that. Aside from the faint notes of peach and apricot you get in waves it is mostly pine and resin dominated as most Stone Double IPAs are.

Taste/Mouth: Very interesting flavors, some serious malt sweetness up front and fruity sweetness as well. The peach flavor comes through with some pine resin bitterness as well. The beer finishes pretty sweet and with another round of serious bitterness. As the beer warms up you can get the peach flavors more and more but it also starts to feel a little syrupy.

Price/Availability: Part of the 2015 Stone collab series so it was a one off brew. I will always give most Stone bombers and collabs a try as the price point is great at $7.99 for a 9.3% Double IPA.

Overall: Pretty interesting beer, I like the use of experimental hops and I didn’t hate the peach puree addition in this beer and if anything it just felt like a decent complement to the hop characteristics and a good way to up the ABV. That being said it was a little boozy and sweet for my liking and it got a little syrupy as time went on. Solid collaboration between the Midwest and West Coast but I was fine having this once.

Grade: B-

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