Beer Review: Spiteful P.A.C. Forever Double IPA


Spiteful Double IPA in a bomber, sign me up. I have been grabbing every hoppy beer I see from these guys lately as they are really on fire. This beer, P.A.C. Forever has been brewed in the past as a few different styles; an English IPA, a Hefeweizen, a Double ESB and now a Double IPA. P.A.C. by the way stands for People against Colin. P.A.C. Forever comes in at 9.1% ABV.

Appearance:  Hazy and a really light golden yellow color with a small head that dissipates quickly. This beer has really great lacing.

Nose: Super resiny and lots of tropical fruit at the forefront. Lots of mango, pineapple, citrus fruits but with a nice herbal and earthy characteristic to the nose as well. Definitely has some New Zealand hops in there, totally getting that vibe from this beer. Really nice nose.

Taste/Mouth: Pretty crushable for a 9%er and the taste follows the nose with some earthy and herbal flavors. That resin carries over as well, the mouth finishes with some crushing bitterness that lingers a bit on your palate. This beer drinks as if it had half the ABV it actually does, the bitterness helps but it also has an immense amount of flavor.

Price/Availability: Brewed once and $9 a bomber so the pricepoint is pretty solid. Spiteful have pretty great availability throughout Chicago.

Overall: Another solid Double IPA from Spiteful who continue to expand their catalog of quality releases. If this were to be brewed again I would certainly purchase it again, if not I will keep my eyes peeled for the next big hoppy beer that Spiteful come out with.

Grade: B+

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