Beer Review: Pipeworks Lupine Imperial IPA


Lupine Ninja is up next in my relentless pursuit of reviewing every Ninja out there. I love how Pipeworks literally reveals nothing about this series on their site, just the abv of the ninjas and everything else is just blank. Was excited to see Pipeworks take on this new hop variety. Lupine comes in at 9.5% ABV.

Appearance: Very light, hazy, golden yellow color. 1 finger head with some great lacing. Standard ninja bottle showcasing the eyes of a brewery employee, I believe.

Nose: Super interesting nose on this one. Some unique flower and earthy notes followed up with a big hit of white grapes. Tropical fruit, mango peel, lime and lemon are also quite prevalent. The white grape make for an interesting aroma, definitely an extremely unique hop.

Taste/Mouth: Really nice flavor, super juicy and full feeling. Finishes bitter and slightly dry with a nice tingle and heat from the alcohol. Some of the notes from the nose make there way into the taste such as the white grape, mango and tropical flavors. Really nice flavors and just like the nose, very unique.

Price/Availability: This is a newer Ninja but I suspect it will be rotating as the rest of the series is. $10 for a bomber so the price is right.

Overall: Very unfamiliar with this hop variety but sign me up because after this beer I am certainly a fan. This is a fantastic double IPA and I ended up buying a few of these and enjoyed them a lot. I will continue to grab any new beers from this series and continue to revisit my favorites when they are re-released, add this one to the list!

Grade: A

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