Beer Review: Maplewood Crushinator Session IPA


New beer, new cans, new graphics. Maplewood Crushinator hits on all those points. Crushinator is the breweries brand new Session IPA which is in 16oz cans (new to Maplewood) and some fresh design on the cans. It seems like most of the beers from Maplewood are switching to this style of design, I have recently seen a new design of their Charlatan Pale Ale. Crushinator comes in at 4.5% ABV.

Appearance: Hazy unfiltered glowing golden color, really nice looking beer. Big pillowy 1 finger head. Love the new can design.

Nose: Really bright tropical aroma hits you right up front. Very big for a session IPA. Some earthy and spicy notes along with citrus as well. Very nice nose.

Taste/Mouth: Really great creamy full mouthfeel. Great tropical hop flavors with some nice bitterness balanced perfectly with the malt. Super crushable, crisp and super tropical. Really great flavor.

Price/Availability: $10 for a 4 pack and its a new beer which seems to be a rotating release.

Overall: Wow this beer really surprised me and I’m loving it. Jumped into my top Chicago summer beers for sure. Can’t wait to crush these on a hot day. Maplewood is definitely on my radar and got my attention with this beer!

Grade: B+

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