Beer Review: Magnify Vine Shine IPA


Another beer I got in a trade with a friend back east. Magnify is a pretty new brewery in Fairfield, NJ. It is great to see more craft breweries popping up in my home state as we were quite behind in the craft revolution there for a while. Vine Shine comes in at 6.7% ABV.

Appearance: Light golden yellow color, pretty hazy with a 1 finger head. Good lacing as you drink it down. Very clean can design.

Nose: Mostly pine, flowery, earthy and yeasty. Sweet malt, bready malt come through as well. It smells very balanced. Maybe some citrus notes in there as well.

Taste/Mouth: Similar to the aroma for sure. Lots of pine, some citrus, earthy and floral flavors. Some tropical notes come through in the flavor as well. Super balanced as I expected, finish is bitter and dry. Medium body and carbonation. Easy drinking and very balanced IPA.

Price/Availability: Northern NJ brewery around $15 for a 4 pack I believe which is quite a hefty price.

Overall: It was nice to have a solid IPA from a new Northern NJ brewery located pretty close to my hometown. Nothing extra ordinary about this beer but real drinkable and certainly well executed. Price is kind of extreme and I might be higher on this beer if it was a little more reasonable.

Grade: B

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