Beer Review: Long Trail Space Juice Double IPA


Long Trail is always sneaky making some great hoppy beers. I was excited to get my hands on Space Juice, which I have heard a lot about. Although I will say when I got it and saw the can I kind of thought “Energy drink or beer?” Space Juice comes in at 8.7% ABV.

Appearance: Awesome looking beer. Glowing hazy orange/amber color with some super sticky lacing. Can looks like an energy drink. I like that they specify that this does not contain juice.

Nose: Tropical fruit, very juicy, melon, bubblegum, peach and grapefruit. Some sugary sweet malt as well. A lot of different aromas coming out as you can see and some pretty interesting ones as well. The melon, bubblegum and peach are very nice. You can get some pine and resin there as well.

Taste/Mouth: Juicy tropical fruit flavors. Mango, pineapple and caramel. Sweet malt on the back end with some heat and boozy flavors. Nice dry, citrusy, orange finish. Thick and syrupy feeling but not in a bad way. Like the nose, it has some great and very distinguished flavors.

Price/Availability: It usually ranges from $15-$17 a 4 pack of 16 ounce cans which is a little on the high end.

Overall: A really solid offering from Long Trail who is always kind of putting out great releases and stays under the radar or at least under the hype train. I am always down to try out their new hoppy beers and they are usually pretty epic. The highlight of this beer for me was probably the great melon, peach and bubblegum aromas and the really great tropical juicy fruit flavors. Love the name and the can design as well. The price could be a little better.

Grade: B+

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