Beer Review: De Proef/Trillium Bouket Farmhouse Ale


In another edition of the Brewmaster’s Collaboration series from De Proef they teamed up with the New England Juicemasters from Trillium to create Bouket, a farmhouse ale dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic. I reviewed another beer from this series a while back, the collab with Hair of the Dog, Flanders Fred. Bouket comes in at 6.5% ABV.

Appearance: Active carbonation, soapy 1 finger head with nice retention. Has some decent lacing as you move through it.

Nose: Really nice nose on this one. Tart, a little sour and definitely funky. Floral and citrus notes with some white grape and earthy notes coming through as well. The Citra and Mosaic definitely add a nice amount of depth to this beer.

Taste/Mouth: Fruity, slightly funky and tart up front. Peppery, earthy, floral and tropical fruit. Really nice and balanced. Finishes crisp and dry. Bite from the carbonation but easy to drink with nice full flavor. This beer really opens up and obviously has a lot of different great flavors coming through.

Price/Availability: This was a one off collaboration brew. 330ml bottle for around $10-$12.

Overall: A great collaboration beer between two great breweries on top of their game. De Proef kills it with this series and has been able to pull some really impressive breweries to collaborate with and create some interesting beers. Bouket is a super drinkable farmhouse ale that can be appreciated by a wide variety of beer drinkers. It might be too late now but if not, try and get your hands on this one.

Grade: B+

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