Beer Review: Trillium Vicinity DIPA


Next up in my Trillium reviews of beers I was able to grab visiting some friends in MA when I stopped by the brewery is their Double IPA Vicinity. I was super happy this was available when I was there as this is one of the beers from them I have been most excited to try. Vicinity comes in at 8%ABV.

Appearance: Light orange super hazy, milky color with a very small head and some okay lacing. Cans are so simple but so aesthetically pleasing. Their art direction is great.

Nose: Fresh squeezed orange juice, straight up. Citrus everything, super dank juice. Peach, pineapple, huge citrus rinds, lemon, lime, orange, honey and floral. Almost hard to believe this is beer at first.

Taste/Mouth: Orange, citrus, onion, some pine resin flavors and peach. Little heat from the alcohol, not a ton of bitterness but it is present. Pretty light for a double IPA but medium mouth feel and medium carbonation. Super juicy and easy to drink.

Price/Availability: I got a mixed 4 pack of cans when visiting the brewery, I believe a 4 pack of this is ~$14.

Overall: Trillium nails this one, stylistically and in general it is hard to find anything wrong with this beer. This is a top tier DIPA that every hop head needs to get their hands on. One of the staple NE style DIPAs and one of the best “Juice Bomb” style beers I have had to date. Vicinity hits the perfect grade.

Grade: A+

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