Repost Instagram Accounts are Stupid


I hate repost accounts on Instagram. They are stupid and I wanted to rant about how I hate them. They produce no original content and exist solely to repost pictures from other accounts. What an idiotic concept. Create your own content. Simply taking other peoples posts and making an archive of those posts on an instagram with a clever handle like @hotbeergirlz or @coolbeerpics is dumb. God it is so dumb. If you enjoy someones content they post follow that person, not an account that takes their content and posts it. I am sure some people love the attention of having their pictures reposted on these accounts and that is why they exist and have thousands of followers. More and more of them pop up everyday and they basically all just recycle the same content back and forth with each other. They are a plague to the craft beer community and I want them to go away.

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