Beer Review: Stone 10th Anniversary IPA


Next from Stone’s encore series I have the 10th Anniversary IPA which comes in at a whopping 10% ABV.

Appearance: Deep reddish, copper, amber color with a 1/2 finger head which dissipates to a thin layer that sits above the beer. Decent lacing.

Nose: Caramel malt, resin, pine, woody, earthy, floral and some orange zest. You can sense some heat on the nose as well from the high ABV.

Taste/Mouth: Follows the nose closely with pine, resin, citrus, orange and is balanced out nicely by caramel malt. Some toffee and earthy notes as well. Surprisingly not a ton of heat but it is definitely there, chewy and full feel. Very balanced all the way through, good carbonation as well. It very much feels like an American Barleywine.

Price/Availability: Available in the 4 pack of bombers for Stone’s Encore series celebrating their 20th anniversary. The 4 pack was around $23.

Overall: This is a Double IPA very much bordering an American Barleywine. Pretty awesome, like the 5th anniversary, to finally get to try this beer. Stone and beer have some a long way since this, especially the Double IPA style, but this still stands the test of time as a super solid beer. The fact that Stone can bring back these beers from 10-20 years ago and they are still great is a testament to how well crafted their beers are, thanks Stone!

Grade: A-

Beer Review: New England Beer Co’s Fat-Ten-Er #8 IPA



Here is the other beer I picked up during my visit to New England Beer Company in CT. The Eighth part in their Fat-Ten-Er series (I also had #7 while there) an American IPA hopped exclusively with Equinox hops. Fat-Ten-Er #8 comes in at 6.8% ABV and doesn’t give an IBU.

Appearance: Super hazy deep gold color with a nice thick 1 finger head. Had really nice lacing down the side of the glass. Very similar color to the previously reviewed Gandhi-Bot.

Nose: Dank as hell full of resin, pine and lots of tropical fruit notes. Loving the aroma of the all Equinox hops, which is a hop that isn’t utilized all that much yet.

Taste/Mouth: Nice hop bitterness right away with some tropical notes carrying over. Pine and citrus in the mouth as well. Mouth is a bit syrupy though which is my only complaint.

Availability/Price: Limited brewed once as part of the series and available only at the brewery. Price was good for growler fills though.

Overall: A great one off offering from NEBC which has a great nose and very pleasant taste. Great utilization of the Equinox hop, only complaint is it feels a bit syrupy for an IPA. Overall very enjoyable though.

Grade: A-