Repost Instagram Accounts are Stupid


I hate repost accounts on Instagram. They are stupid and I wanted to rant about how I hate them. They produce no original content and exist solely to repost pictures from other accounts. What an idiotic concept. Create your own content. Simply taking other peoples posts and making an archive of those posts on an instagram with a clever handle like @hotbeergirlz or @coolbeerpics is dumb. God it is so dumb. If you enjoy someones content they post follow that person, not an account that takes their content and posts it. I am sure some people love the attention of having their pictures reposted on these accounts and that is why they exist and have thousands of followers. More and more of them pop up everyday and they basically all just recycle the same content back and forth with each other. They are a plague to the craft beer community and I want them to go away.

Beer Review: Other Half & Holy Mountain By and By


Managed to get some more stuff from Other Half from my friend back East in one of our recent trades. This is Other Half’s collab with Holy Mountain out of Seattle called By and By, it is a Brett IPA and comes in at 6.5% ABV.

Appearance: Huge fluffy 3 finger head. Milky, hazy golden orange color with lots of active carbonation. It retains the head for a while and then settles in to a thick layer with sticky lacing.

Nose: Fruity, yeasty aroma with pear and green apple. Smells a little Belgian-esque at first but the Brett is definitely present and you can pick it up as you dive deeper into it. Peach, pineapple and fruit punch aromas are very present as well.

Taste/Mouth: Just slightly tart with some pineapple, lemon, orange zest and lots of floral hop aromas. Some bready and yeasty flavors as well. It feels very carbonated. The mouthfeel is kind of harsh and the amount of carbonation kind of takes away from the flavor of the beer. You get some heat and it finishes really super clean.

Price/Availability: As far as I know this beer has only beer brewed one time, I got it in a trade.

Overall: This beer kind of locked in my feelings toward Brett IPAs, I am just not a huge fan. I had heard only great things about this beer and was obviously super excited to try it. Even with my doubts after having some Brett IPAs in the past that I didn’t love, I went in with an open mind. I found parts of this beer I really loved but it felt slightly overcarbonated and despite having some really nice pineapple and floral flavors it was harsh on the palate and felt hard to drink at times. I am glad I had it but I don’t think I need it again.

Grade: B-

Beer Review: Marz Splash APA


Marz Community Brewing is certainly one of Chicago’s hottest and most hyped breweries around right now. Splash is one of their newest beers, an APA which is fruity but not fruited. I love Maria’s packaged goods and have had a great number of Marz beers there and have tried to grab up some Marz beers as they have expanded their packaging. Splash comes in at 6% ABV.

Appearance: Very hazy golden yellow color with almost no head. Great lacing. Amazing label, Marz has great packaging and branding and it makes their beers very appealing to a general consumer.

Nose: Very fruity, like a now and later. Melon, apricot, strawberry, grapefruit, banana and passionfruit. Very interesting nose filled with a ton of different and polarizing fruit aromas.

Taste/Mouth: Very juicy and fruity. Mild bitterness, melon, tropical fruit and pineapple. Finishes slightly dry but mostly finishes with a lingering fruit flavor. Feels a little over carbonated honestly but still an easy drinking APA.

Price/Availability: Newer release from Marz availability is decent in Chicago as they continue to expand. $9 for a pint and then some, always where Marz fails a little since that price point feels really high.

Overall: A good beer that I could drink regularly if not for the price tag. I would certainly grab this beer if I saw it on draft somewhere like Marias and be pretty excited, as the price would probably be better. The price of a bottle and mouthfeel of the beer bring it down in my book. This seems to be a common issue I have with Marz beers. On the brightside though this beer has awesome and unique aromas and some solid flavors, I would have it again but not regularly buy or seek it out.

Grade: B-