Beer Review: Oddside Citra Pale Ale


Oddside finally made its way to Chicago earlier this year. I had some friends from Michigan hyping them up quite a bit so I was eager to get my hands on some of their stuff. The beer I had heard the most about was their flagship pale ale, Citra which comes in at 5.75%.

Appearance: Hazy copper amber color with a thick 1/2 finger head. Good retention with sticky lacing. I like the artwork on the can.

Nose: Very malty. Orange, mango and grapefruit. Citra hop notes are there but malt is at the forefront for sure. It isn’t very exciting.

Taste/Mouth: Follows the nose pretty closely with some decent citrus and tropical flavors but for the most part it is malt forward. Malt sweetness with a light mouthfeel which finishes dry and chalky. Honey and bready malt with some spicy, floral and earthy notes as well. Something is off for sure, it just isn’t a beer that feels like it is all together.

Price/Availability: 6 pack of cans are about $10 here in Chicago.

Overall: I will start with the good, this feels like an accessible beer for newer craft beer drinkers and isn’t as harsh on the palate as some of the newer APAs hitting shelves can be. On the other hand this beer feels like kind of a mess, its spicy, earthy and grassy while lacking any real burst of juiciness from the citra. It is far too malt forward for my taste as well and I find it hard to find it enjoyable. I find it baffling this has a 90 on BA. I would try it again maybe fresh on draft to see if maybe I just had an off batch, otherwise I don’t think I would revisit this one again.

Grade: C