Beer Review: Stone Enjoy By Double IPA



Gonna get this out of the way right now and say that I know this is Enjoy By 10/31/14 and I am posting this review on 12/4/14, do not fear fellow beer lovers I did in fact enjoy this fine Stone Double IPA by its designated date. I am just rather behind on converting my notes into actual reviews on the blog so I had this beer well before 10/31 and jotted down my notes and it has just taken me this long to get it onto the site. That being said this also wasn’t my first time enjoying Enjoy By and it most certainly won’t be my last. I was very excited to finally review this devastatingly fresh Double IPA from the original masters of hoppy brews. Enjoy By comes in at 9.4% ABV and does not list IBU, mainly because I think it might vary each batch.

Appearance: Super hazy glowing orange. 1 finger head and some real nice lacing down the glass. Stone sure does know how to make a real pretty beer and this one is certainly no exception to that.

Nose: Citrus, peach, lemon, orange, lots of pineapple, mango, grapefruit, pine and resin. Most of the usual suspects here for a nice fresh hoppy beer, should be noted I got loads of pineapple over anything else and this is beers nose really packs a punch.

Taste/Mouth: Sticky full mouth feel finishes dry with pine and resin lingering. Lots of pineapple again with some grapefruit, citrus and pine carrying over nicely into the taste. Really good flavors with lots of depth. Its like the best memory you have from the freshest you have had any of Stones other IPAs and multiplied by two. Really just a great showcase of how well Stone knows hop additions and how to utilize hops to yield the best results.

Price/Availability: Rotating, it seems like this one is here to stay as I see a new Enjoy By out every month or so. Sometimes the wait is two months or even two in one month it seems to really all depend I guess on availability of hops and brewing schedule. Price is amazing $7.99 for 9.4% ABV and what I consider to be a limited release and still to this day pretty sought out in some areas.

Overall: A really great product from Stone and a¬†gamechanger in my mind. Awesome concept and obviously very well executed. Fall is one of my favorite time of the year because Breweries release their fresh and wet hop APAs and IPAs, basically Stone took that and made it a year round limited edition beer. The price is great and whether I lived in NJ or Chicago now the availability is¬†great as well and I will always grab one of these from the store without hesitation knowing I am getting a superb Double IPA, one of the best widely available on the market I can say without any doubt. Stone knows their way around hops and if they hadn’t convinced you before then do yourself a favor have one of these immediately.

Grade: A+